Robin Taylor Ph.D.
Board Certified Sexologist

Tampa, Florida
Phone 813-235-6692

Each of us deserves to experience a profound sense of joy and abundance in our lives, and to enjoy a deep and safe emotional connection with another being. And if that were to be accompanied by incredible sex, then life might be perfect!

It sounds so simple, but it's often so difficult to attain. How do we find the time when we are busy surviving and paying the bills? What if our partner seems to be headed on a different track from where we want to go? What about when the body can't keep up with our desires the way it used to? What if we don't have a partner?

It took us many years to get the way we are. It's impossible to change overnight.

Becoming close to another human being is one of the biggest risks we can take. For some people it seems effortless, and for others it often becomes one the biggest challenges in their lives. Why is sex so complicated? Why are relationships often so difficult?

It's often difficult to separate all the issues. Some days it seems it's all about sex. Other days it's about money or other survival issues. Then sometimes you may wonder if you have the right partner. Why is it that the issues seem to be so intertwined?

Healthy relationships and great sex get even better when they work together.

Robin Taylor

Offering psychotherapy and counseling for all sexual and relationship issues

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